Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Drain Overflow

This senior living facility had a drain back up in one of the living units. The backup of water ultimately affected several rooms and the floor below. The water... READ MORE

Kitchen Broken Pipe Cortland, NY

After spending a few weeks away, this property owner came home to find water running and a collapsed kitchen ceiling. The water ran over the floor and into the ... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Damage Binghamton, NY

This business had a sewage backup in the lower level restroom. The damage went beyond the restroom, and damaged the entire lower level of the business. Our clie... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration Rochester, NY

Pictured here is a hallway of classrooms in a church. The fire started due to an electrical issue in the office area of the church. Despite the fire being put o... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Cortland, NY

A pipe broke in a vacant office building due to below freezing temperatures.  The pipe burst and left about 2-3" of water throughout the entire b... READ MORE

Fire Damage Afton, NY

This damage was a result of a defective appliance in the bedroom of the home. The entire home was affected by fire and smoke. We were able to set up temporary e... READ MORE

Mold/Water Norwich, NY

This homeowner contacted SERVPRO due to having mold around their basement rafters. We discovered a water intrusion they were completely unaware of. They were ab... READ MORE

Water Damage Ithaca, NY

This water damaged basement is a result of a pipe break. The homeowner's were away while it happened, resulting in complete destruction to the first floor and b... READ MORE

Biohazard Union Dale, PA

A property manager called for a Biohazard clean up at a property they own. SERVPRO was able to arrive on-site quickly to clean and disinfect the property. Our s... READ MORE

Mold Damage Dundee, NY

This is a seasonal home that suffered a pipe break over the winter, and went unnoticed for some time. Unfortunately this resulted in mold damage to the basement... READ MORE